Little Firemen

November 04, 2012  •  2 Comments

With my first portrait session, I was extremely nervous. I did it and realized it wasn't quite so bad and I did a pretty good job.  When my cousin got married this summer, I decided to use the opportunity to practice taking pictures of people. I knew at the very least my cousin Casey and the rest of the family would love seeing two days worth of pictures in the mountains of people they loved. I was more than pleasantly surprised with the results. So when I flew to Montana to visit Casey's sister Kirsten for a long weekend, I was excited to take pictures of not only the beautiful fall colors, but also of her family.

The first photo shoot was all Kirsten's idea. Her husband is a fireman, so she wanted her boys in his turnouts. The littlest guy we stuck in a bucket to keep him upright and stuffed the jacket around him. His older brother got the boots, pants and suspenders.  We didn't really do much posing, I just snapped away and let the boys be boys!

little firemen 4 They seemed plenty entertained.  I struggled with the light moving from bright sun to shadows quickly but still got good shots.  These wouldn't be quite the same if they were indoors.  

little firemen 16 little firemen 18


little firemen 57

Throughout the weekend I surprised her with a few more shots of her and her boys that I'd taken while on photography expeditions for fall colors.

little firemen 106 little firemen 95

I love this last one.  The colors are so vibrant!  
little firemen 198

My last day in town we were relaxing at home when I realized it was snowing!  Kirsten rounded up her family and we stepped outside.  This one probably won't make it on the wall anywhere, but it's my favorite.  I love the props that were pulled in before anyone realized!

little firemen 201 cropped

How, you might ask, did I keep my camera dry with the giant snowflakes floating about?  I borrowed a little fireman's umbrella, of course!



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Thanks Ashley! You'll have to get Kirsten to send you some of the other cute ones. It was hard to pick just a few.
Taryn these are great! For whatever reason your card was on the table when i just walked in the door and thought i would take a look-see at your new stuff. These pics of Kirsten and boys are awesome- I am with you, the last one is my favorite! Hope all is well!
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