Expressions of Vera

May 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I once thought that taking pictures of people, especially kids wasn't my thing. They wiggle around and make faces. Landscapes have to be much easier, right? They're just there. The only way they move is if I move. Lately I've been working on my techniques for portrait photography. I'm starting to learn that taking pictures of people and kids is much easier than I thought, especially if I let them wiggle around and make faces!

baby black and whiteVera 8

So this is my friend's daughter.  I spent an afternoon with them not long ago and decided to play around with my camera. I just let her do her thing while I snapped away.  Her expressions are priceless. Even better than the first picture is what her mom said of her expression. "She looks so disillusioned! Like a retired race car driver with a hangover." I always love her curious yet articulate comments!

What do her expressions say to you?

babyVera 7

baby toesVera 6

Vera 1

Vera 2


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