Philly Through the iPhone

May 10, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

So I went to Philly recently for work.  As much as I wanted, I couldn't carry my camera every where I went.  So I improvised with my trusty iPhone.  I was walking back to the hotel after dinner one night and ended up walking past the church.  The sun was setting and  the pictures just weren't turning out.  It was too dark. Luckily, I have a great app, HDR Pro to capture the scene.  Unfortunately, the quality of the image doesn't hold up.  It's still a great shot to share.

Philly iphone 1

I love the green lights and the sharp details of the church.  Did I go back again with my Canon 40D?  Come back and check later!

Another stroll through the streets brought me to this next photo.  This time, the sun was so bright, it washed out the image.  Again, my trusty HDR app at least got the shot.  In the forefront is the sculpture "Government of the People" by Jacques Lipchitz, created in 1976.  The cathedral-like structure is the Philadelphia Masonic Temple. 

Duvall 2

Across the street, is the famous Love sculpture in John F. Kennedy Plaza.  There were endless couples appearing out of nowhere.  Too many people for me, so I went for the odd angle.  Even the iPhone can bring great emotion into a picture.

Philly iphone



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