Walks on Whidbey

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Not too long ago, my parents came to visit.  I racked my brain to find something for us to do that we all would enjoy.  Whidbey Island was the answer.  A quick ferry ride from Mukilteo to Clinton, then a nice little drive over to Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens for Mom.  Whidbey 005

It was quiet and peaceful and perfect timing.  The rhodies were in full bloom.  Mom loved it and Dad and I enjoyed the walk.  Of course I was also playing with my 50 mm lens.

Whidbey 047 Yes, I took pictures of both pink AND purple blooms.  I'm testing my boundaries ;-)

After lunch, we made our way to Fort Casey State Park for Dad.  For those of you who know my Dad, you know this is almost as perfect as taking him to a flight museum. Construction of the fort began in 1897 as a massive seacoast fortification effort.  The fort included giant guns that were in a protective environment until it was time to fire.  In which case they could be raised to shoot.


Whidbey 056 Dad of course loved all this military history (I actually enjoyed it too). It also gave me my own opportunities to shoot.  Huge concrete structures for battle are very different from my beloved waterfalls.  

I had a chance to play with new composition and colors and elements.  The old photographer in me would have rolled my eyes at this place.  I took it as a challenge.  

Whidbey 069









So I snapped my shots just as I saw them.  

Whidbey 072

Whidbey 073 Whidbey 086


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